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Shavali Fabric Inc.

Crimson Shadow Camouflage

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A bold fusion of red, grey, black, and white hues meticulously blended to create a striking camouflage print. This unique pattern combines the intensity of crimson with the sophistication of shadowy greys and blacks, punctuated by the crisp contrast of white accents. Embrace the allure of stealthy style and vibrant energy as you navigate the urban landscape or venture into the wild.

Experience exceptional versatility with this medium to heavy-weight spandex featuring an excellent four-way stretch. 

82% Nylon 18% Spandex

220 GSM

58"/60" Width 

Due to your display settings, fabric images might appear either brighter or darker than the actual fabric. Please take this into account before making a purchase. To prevent any misunderstanding, we recommend ordering samples before placing larger orders.